Stanford Pre-Medical Association

One of the oldest, largest, student-run organizations on campus. Committed to providing our premeds trees the resources needed for a successful medical career.


Ruhi Kanwar


Ruhi Kanwar is pursuing the pre-medical track as a part of Stanford’s Class of 2021. As Co-President she is persistently committed to helping her peers navigate their medical passions while bolstering the Stanford premedical community. Apart from SPA, Ruhi is actively involved in Stanford’s Women’s Division II Lacrosse Team, Indian dance team, research internships at Stanford & Harvard, StEMS, 5-SURE, multiple Cardinal Service organizations such as High School Support Initiative, Frosh Service Liaison, Alternative Spring Break, Pi Beta Phi, & Help4Kids. She is the Social Chair of SUHPaC, events committee member of Synapse, and is the founding director of Stanford Alzheimer’s Buddies.

Saket Myneni


Saket Myneni is a member of Stanford's Class of 2021, pursuing a Biology major. This year, as co-president, he hopes to increase the premed community's presence on campus and provide a diverse group of opportunities to fellow premed students as they continue their path towards a career in health care. In addition to SPA, Saket is involved in a variety of service organizations across campus, including Synapse, Students in Biodesign, SHARED, and the High School Support Initiative.



Aye Moe & Martin Alcaraz Jr.

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Goal: To provide resources, programming, and experiences that cater to students coming from diverse backgrounds and meet their needs/inquiries, especially those that center around their identities.


  • Develop and execute at least one mentorship program centered around empowering students of minority groups in medicine

  • Events sharing perspectives of leaders in medicine who belong to various minority groups

  • Increase the presence of students coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds, gender identities, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, amongst others in the medical and healthcare fields through programming.

  • Moderated discussions on inequality in healthcare/medicine and ethics.

  • Plan and highlight events such as the Women in Surgery Panel and hopefully have a broad outreach on issues such as issues to healthcare access


Sai Maddineni & Christina Ping

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Goal: This committee will be in charge of developing opportunities with nearby medical institutions, advising opportunities, and other resources in the area.


  • Speaker Series

  • Majors

  • Summers

  • Research

  • Going abroad

  • Other deviations

  • Continuing mentorship program with med students and undergrads

  • Collaborative events with other premedical student groups

  • Connecting the premedical advisors with students through interactive events

  • Events regarding the different paths to medicine


Yash Pershad & Noah Magbua

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Goal: To provide helpful guidance surrounding the application process as well as fun skills-based workshops. To foster mentorship and assistance regarding student-led research throughout the undergraduate/pre-medical experience. A few officers will still be in charge of updating the handbook as needed and running events related to the med school application


  • Application and Princeton Review MCAT Information Workshops

  • Hard skills workshops (suturing, CPR training, EMT basics, and so on)

  • How to do a physical exam

  • Application Boot Camp throughout the year

  • Application info session with a med school admissions officer

  • Cracking Med School admissions sessions

  • Networking with BEAM

  • Info sessions with schools that contact SPA

  • Promote research opportunities on campus and off campus

  • Providing opportunities to hear speakers and other events to discuss issues within healthcare and gain knowledge on current events in the field


Nikki Apana & Vianna Vo

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Goal: To unify and encourage interactions and bonding amongst SPA members, officers, and execs. To inform the undergraduate premedical community of upcoming events and update social media platforms. To coordinate service opportunities for premedical students.


  • Social (retreats, swag, bonding, meetings)

  • Developing and coordinating various service opportunities for students

  • Establishing a volunteer connection with the Ronald McDonald House

  • Connect students within SPA with more events like Special D’s as well as more events with other organizations such as Stanford Synapse, Alzheimer’s Buddies, and SHARED to increase interaction with premeds outside of SPA


Panos Vandris, Jacob Umans, & Alex Bhatt

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Goal: To plan and execute an inaugural SPA Conference that will merge speaker experience, symposium presentations, career opportunities and hard skills workshops. You will gain access to work closely with any variety of biotech companies and successful leaders while shaping a rewarding community experience.


  • Plan the conference based on requirements

  • Works within team and coordinate with the presidents


Haiwen Gui & Sierra Ha

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Goal: To inform the undergraduate premedical community of upcoming events and update social media platforms. To maintain a website to keep up with SPA events and premedical resources.


  • Publicity (website, marketing & flyers, social media, quarterly newsletter)

  • Communication (mailing lists, weekly digests about premed opportunities)

  • Increase SPA presence on campus with better outreach for events beyond emails and facebook events as well as finding events to co-sponsor with other pre-med organizations