Stanford Pre-Medical Association

One of the oldest, largest, student-run organizations on campus. Committed to providing our premeds trees the resources needed for a successful medical career.


Coby Dulitzki


Coby Dulitzki is a nontraditional transfer student from the Community College of Philadelphia who will be graduating with his coterminal MS in Biology in 2022 (having completed his bachelor’s with honors in human biology). As president of SPA, he’s motivated to leverage his nontraditional experiences to support students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Across the diversity of experiences among premed students at Stanford, we all have the shared experience of grinding to help others, which culminates in a really special community Coby is lucky to be a part of. Apart from SPA, Coby is the president of the competitive ballroom team and oSTEM (‘out’ in STEM), and the director of conference for Synapse.

Sofia Pesantez


Sofia Pesantez is a member of Stanford’s Class of 2024, pursuing a major in Human Biology, a minor in Modern Languages, and a Notation in Science Communication. As Vice President, she is committed to making sure that everyone in the pre-med community feels welcomed and supported in SPA, as well as expanding access to resources for mental wellbeing available to pre-med students on campus. As a Latina first generation college student, she is motivated to make sure that FLI students at Stanford feel a place of belonging within the pre-med community. Aside from SPA, Sofia is a member of Stanford Talisman acapella, Vice President of Los Salseros de Stanford, a Lead Vocalist for the Stanford Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble, Recruitment Chair of Stanford Habla, and is a Spanish Interpreter for Pacific Free Clinic!



Kathaleen Luangamath (Co-Chair) & Rosa Martinez (Co-Chair).

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This new committee will focus on the needs of students who are still in the exploration phase of their academic careers. Explore will provide resources and programming for those considering the possibility of a career in medicine/healthcare by creating a supportive and enriching atmosphere. This can be done through any number of means such as by organizing informative panels, developing mentorship programs, enabling career exploration, and advising underclassmen on major/minor and class selections.


Hayden Reynoso (Co-Chair) & Sophie Parsa (Co-Chair).

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This new committee will attend to the needs of students who have completed all or most of the prerequisites required of premed students. This committee will primarily focus on helping with preparatory processes such as MCAT prep, application assistance, and interviewing tips.


Lexi Straube (Co-Chair) & Saloni Shah (Co-Chair)

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Goal: To provide helpful guidance surrounding the application process as well as fun skills-based workshops. To foster mentorship and assistance regarding student-led research throughout the undergraduate/pre-medical experience. A few officers will still be in charge of updating the handbook as needed and running events related to the med school application.


Gwendolyn Donahue (Co-Chair) & Sidra Xu (Co-Chair)

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This committee will be responsible for organizing our big yearly conference for premed students. The theme and structure of the conference is open-ended and can be determined entirely by the committee’s leadership.


Opportunities: Nick Fajardo (Co-Chair) & Samrat Thapa (Co-Chair)

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This committee will be responsible for identifying, organizing, and disseminating volunteer, professional, and research opportunities for the premed community.


Nicholas Panyanouvong (Co-Chair) & Iyshwary Warren (Co-Chair)

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In the spirit of community-based research, this committee will work alongside Stanford’s underrepresented minority communities to discern their needs and how to uplift and empower the communities to succeed despite their obstacles. Initiatives include identifying free resources, providing advising, and creating a URM mentorship network.


Jessica Balbin (Chair) & Sarika Lansberg (Vice Chair)

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The health advocacy committee will be responsible for sending out monthly newsletters on various topics relating to national or global issues to increase awareness of important issues among our premed community. Additionally, this committee may plan quarterly “field trips” that supplement the themes discussed in the newsletter.

Pre-health Committees

Recognizing the dearth of associations for other pre-health careers and the overlap that exists in much of our preparation, we are expanding from the Pre-med to the Pre-health association. Our current pre-health committees include Pre-vet, Pre-dent, and Pre-Health Policy.


Pre-Vet: Sofia Ceva (Chair)


Pre-Health Policy: Berta Puig (Co-Chair) & Shuvi Jha (Co-Chair)